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LivMD is safe* therapeutic vibration

What is LivMD™?

LivMD’s patented low-intensity vibration signal was developed over the past 30 years in conjunction with Dr. Clinton Rubin of Stony Brook University and through funding from NASA, NIH and the US Army. It’s the only product of its kind. Learn how it works.

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LivMD is made in USA
LivMD is made in the USA and it’s rugged high quality design is built to last a lifetime! Order a LivMD directly from Marodyne or contact one of over 25 authorized sales agents for a free personalized demonstration.

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LivMD: Who is it for, and what are the benefits?

Low intensity vibration has been found to exert a range of benefits for health and is associated with no adverse effects, making it a safe and effective adjunct treatment for a wide variety of conditions.

Due to its low-impact, non-invasive nature, LivMD is ideal for:

  • Seniors (especially those who are frail and at risk of falls)
  • People with mobility and flexibility issues
  • Athletes and others rehabilitating after injury
  • People with chronic pain (including fibromyalgia and arthritis)
  • Those who find it difficult to exercise
  • Anyone with brittle bones or bone health concerns
  • People with neurovestibular disease and problems balancing

Why Use a LivMD?

The application of LivMD is known to aid microcirculation in muscles, to stimulate stem cell activity, to facilitate healthy muscles and bones, and to encourage lean body mass over adipose tissue. As such, LivMD has a role to play in supporting:

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Muscle strength and stamina
  • Bone health
  • Wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Nervous system function
  • Healthy weight management